Phoenixcrest Farm

Phoenixcrest Farm welcomes you to our web site; foremost among our goals is the breeding and raising of strong, healthy horses. We invite you to view our stallions Algermoneli, BT Swinger, Wise Swinger, Stonewalls Brigade, and Chariot of Fire.

Phoenixcrest Farm is located in the historical Kentucky community of Lair, between Paris and Cynthiana, twelve miles from Lexington, Fayette County.

After the Revolutionary War the Lair brothers loaded their families and possessions on barges and sailed to the South Fork of the Licking River, thus claming their land grant which was issued to soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War. Here they started a new life on the rich riverbottom land beside the same river sailed by Simon Kenton and the Shawnee Indians from Ohio in days gone by.

The thunder of battle echoed over the farm during the War between the States as Kentucky Confederate General John Hunt Morgan and cavalry brigade twice raided into Cynthiana. A number of horses were killed in those battles, and are numbered along the unsung heroes of the area.

Phoenixcrest Farm was established in 1984 as a family run, hands-on thoroughbred farm carrying on the bloodlines of Man O' War, Bold Ruler, Stage Door Johnny, J.O. Tobin, Dancer's Image, Native Dancer, Wajima, In Reality, Northern Dancer, Alydar, Nijinsky's Secret, and others. Their descendants who romp the paddocks of Phoenixcrest Farm are evidence of our devotion and care of the thoroughbred horse.

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Email: phoenixcrest@setel.com

Pheonixcrest Farm
4340 Old Lair Road
Cynthiana, KY 41031